Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Superpoints & Hits4Pay

I kinda slacked off on blogging but I haven't slacked off on finding ways to make money thru alternative means. Today I bring you 2 and a new project I'm working on.

1. Superpoints is an invite-only GPT (Get Paid To) site similar to Swagbucks where you can get points that can be redeemed for cash & gift cards. It requires very little work since you're mostly just signing in to click the SuperLucky Button. You get a certain amount of clicks per day depending on your member level (from 5 clicks to 100). You can also earn points from reading emails and by completing offers.


Ways to Earn
1. Click the Button! :) Each winning click earns from 1 to 450 pts. Some clicks give out bonus point referral links!
2. Videos pay 1-2 pts. for watching.
3. Completing offers give a lot of points, but be careful! A lot of them are TrialPay, which means you give a credit card for a "free" trial and if you don't cancel within a certain time frame, you'll get charged.
4. Watch your email for LuckyMail, which also awards a random amount of points.
5. Invite your friends! Refer 2 friends for Gold status and 5 for Platinum. Higher member levels get you more clicks and a lower cashout threshold ($25 for Basic vs $5 for Platinum).

Referring Friends:
1. Send your friends an email invite or post your invite links around.
2. Refer 2 friends for Gold status (50 clicks + matching wins + $10 cashout).
3. Refer 5 friends for Platinum status (100 clicks + matching wins + $5 cashout).
Your referrals must confirm their email and complete their profile for you to have your membership upgraded

Don't get yourself banned!

Don't use a fake name.
Your account will be de-activated if you are inactive for 30 days.
Only 1 account per IP & household.
Only valid in US, Canada & UK

2. Hits4Pay is really straight-forward. You log in, click on ads, and you get .02 per ad you click. I get between 5 and 20 a day, it really depends on the day; they will notify you by email whenever you have new ads to click. The only downside is the minimum cashout is $25, and it's pretty slow going. I'm at around $12 after a couple months.

Click the banner for a free $5 bonus when you signup!

Already on those sites? How much have you made?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Writers! Flash fiction

Always dreamed of being a published author? Want to try your chances at writing fiction? The following are all paying markets. Check the pages for each site for payment info and submission guidelines.

Strange Horizons - open for submissions

Shimmer - open for submissions

Abyss & Apex -- Close for submissions until August,  plenty of time to work on a story though.

Linger Fiction - open for submissions

Ideomancer - open for submissions

I've been terrible about keeping up this blog, mostly because I've been working on my own writing. AND because I got accepted to university, I'll be a uni student this fall XD Excite.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Resources for Work From Home Jobs

A lot of "Stay at Home Mom" or "Work at Home Mom" websites & blogs have a lot of resources even if you aren't a mom.  Check out these forums; I've been browsing the first one for at least an hour and am currently investigating half a dozen leads. In fact, forums are my favorite place to find leads for "jobs," advice, tips, etc. Why? They have the benefit of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of different people all coming together to discuss a common interest. They are invaluable resources!

Later this month I'll try to put together a list of resources (forums, indexes, blogs, etc.) for people looking to make money online. Also, I have two new jobs/opportunities for you:



Text121Chat offers a range of red hot Adult SMS Chat services.  We’re one of the industry’s biggest interactive media and adult phone operator service providers, specialising in interactive media, adult SMS Chat and specialised SMS adult messaging services worldwide.

(Ripped directly from the website here)

Basically it's like phone sex... via text. They pay you $0.06 per text with a minimum of 2000 texts monthly. I just had my application with them accepted and will be starting training soon so I will keep you updated!

The other one is Key For Cash

Here at KeyForCash, we pay you for your typing skills and you can work as much as you want, whenever you want.
Our easy-to-use data entry system lets you earn money from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

(Website here )

They have you take 3 Evaluations to test your typing speed and accuracy before they consider you for "hire." I just finished the evaluations tonight (98th percentile, #winning) and will be waiting to hear back from them to see if they hire me and what it's like. So, we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

feel like wasting time?

so I should've had another post out but I've been really busy and distracted lately and I stumbled across this game today:


It's fun and free and really addictive... if you haven't already, check it out.

An actual post of substance coming tomorrow I hope.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Microworkers: Part 2

Alright so it's been a week since I first talked about Microworkers. And, to be honest, it MIGHT be legit. And we (I) may never know. Why? Look at this.

The story of this picture: not long after I did my initial review of Microworkers, I realized that in order to get paid you had to make at least $9. So I was like, well, I'm bored, let's do a few more. I did 12 tasks total, 10 got accepted (more on that in a bit) and I made over $9. All is well, right? Well no. Because you have to have made $9 PLUS a fee. Which, IMO, is ridiculous and I'm prettymadbro. But [I guess] that's really my mistake for not realizing it.

Additionally, if I got paid for all the tasks I completed, I would have made enough. But 2 of my tasks got denied. They were Craigslist Ads: you copy some text, paste it onto Craigs and create an ad. The text for the ads were obviously really spammy -- broken english and stuff leading to clicking on a link for some pyramid scheme scam. But I figured, whatever, I don't really care, I'm getting paid a dollar to click a couple times. But 2 of my tasks got denied for payment. Why?

 I love the question mark at the end. Like the employer doesn't know why the post was flagged & removed, or what that even means

Not sure what I was supposed to do if it got flagged. Because it was guaranteed to get flagged. I guess I could have reposted it over and over again but that's a lot more than the simple task I signed up for. *sigh*

So, is Microworkers legit/worth it? Probably, if you're picky about what tasks you do and don't mind 6% of your earnings going poof for fees.

I guess I'll go try and make that last 10 cents so I can get my money >.>